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Barwalt Precision Tile Spacers

The Original "Precision Tile Spacer" line from Barwalt Tool Co. After all these years they still make the best tile spacer on the market! Others claim they do, but Barwalt always has and always will. Theses are the original rubber flex tile spacers that ensure the professonal tile setter an accurate tile installation, every time. Tool Country carries more Barwalt tile spacer sizes than anyone! All sizes are available in bags and boxes; even bulk if you need greater quantities for that large job. Please remember that these rubber tile spacers need to be removed before grouting.


  •     Custom rubber compound gives just enough to allow the differences in tiles to be absorbed,      whether using spacers on a floor or wall installation
  •     The rubber tile spacers are easier to pull out after the installation has set
  •     Manufactured to tight tolerances
  •     Tile spacer material that allows adjustment during tile installation
  •     Available in boxes and bulk for the larger contractor jobs


SIZES AVAILABLE      +  Crosses     T   Tees


SIZE       REGULAR     LONG   

1/16"                    +  T

3/32"                    +

1/8"                      +  T                              +

3/16"                    +  T                              +  

1/4"                      +  T                              +

3/8"                      +  T                            

1/2"                      +  T                      


Note:  Longs are available in regular long