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Home / Products / Grouting Systems / Rubi Spomatic Electric Sponge Machine

Rubi Spomatic Electric Sponge Machine


  • 17" cleaning width makes cleaning large grouted areas quick and easy with the Rubi Spomatic electric grout cleaning machine.
  • We have tested the Spomatic, on a 10,000 sq.ft. Job, we found that the Spomatic was easy to use, the roller with water feed pump system allows continuous rinsing.
  • The sponge rotates slowly as the machine is pulled backwards at a 45 angle to the grout joint, leaving the joints full and cleaning in one pass.
  • Adjustable roller with direct water injection rinses the sponge thoroughly with less wear and tear on the sponge.
  • Standard Sponge for sanded grout included


No. 72961

Replacement Songes for Spomatic

Sponges last approximately 5000 square feet

No. 72962  Replacement Sponge - 250 Standard
No. 72963  Replacement Sponge - 250 Plus (Longer wearing)  
No. 72964  Replacement Sponge - 250 Epoxy
No. 72965  Anit-Foam Liquid