Barwalt® Ultrabite Tile Nipper

Barwalt® Ultrabite Tile Nipper | Nippers

Barwalt® Ultrabite Tile Nipper

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With porcelain tile getting harder all the time and the present nippers out there failing, we at Barwalt set out to design a revolutionary new nipper. And we did just that! First we chose the finest carbide that is ground to a precision finish with industrial diamonds and will cut even porcelain like butter. Then, we designed a whole new nipper body that is not only the most comfortable, but also has a mechanical advantage when nipping. The handles are enveloped with cushioned sleeves that won’t fall off in use.

Testing proved that our new nipper only requires one third the compressive force to cut porcelain tile all the way through, therefore requiring less force and more control when nipping. And finally, we made the carbide teeth replaceable! No other GT style nipper in the world does that!

•    50% less weight than other GT style nippers, less fatiguing

•    Stainless steel bearing, won’t rust and needs less oiling


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So Comfortable!

I couldn't believe how light this cutter is, so comfortable to use and cuts the tile without hardly any effort at all! I haven't had to use the replacement tips yet but so glad I don't have to buy a whole new nipper when I need them!

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