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Create a Stunning Entryway with Tile

Mon, Aug 23 2021 3:12 am Comments

Tiles are available in slate, porcelain, and ceramic. Neutral colors like grey tend to be popular. Before beginning your project, check out our online store for horseshoe shims and more.


Kitchen Wall Tile Trends in 2021

Mon, Aug 16 2021 2:18 am Comments

When you get ready to go through with your project, Barwalt Tools has everything you need. We have tile nippers, grout, and more.


The Latest Bathroom Tile Trends

Mon, Aug 09 2021 4:57 am Comments

Barwalt Tools has everything you need to get started, including grouting tools. Check out some of the new ways people are tiling their bathrooms:


Tile Spacers for a Professional Finished Look

Mon, Aug 02 2021 5:36 am Comments

Working with tiles can be confusing if you have never done it before. Tile spacers are one of these tools that make the job easier.


Tile Nippers - A Basic Tool That is Essential

Mon, Jul 26 2021 6:02 am Comments

If you work with tiles, you have to have a good pair of tile nippers. We can help you purchase the ones that best suit your needs. Visit Barwalt Tools now.