Horseshoe Shims That Won’t Fail

Posted  on by Barwalt Tool Company
Image Horseshoe Shims That Won’t Fail

Our shims are great for granite and marble installations. These color-coded installation shims help you lift and align your tiles, delivering a perfect, clean joint every time.

  • Save time and money by ensuring a clean joint every time
  • Make installation easy with color-coded shims that are designed to provide you with perfect alignment

Installing tile is hard. Even if you're experienced, there's a lot of pressure to get it right the first time because mistakes are expensive and difficult to fix. Most people use whatever shims they have on hand for their granite or marble installation project, but this can lead to misalignment and gaps in your tile joints. This can cause unsightly grout lines that ruin the look of your tile project. Our color-coded shims make installing granite and marble easier than ever before! With our easy-to-use set, you'll be able to lift and align tiles with ease every time - no matter how much experience you have under your belt. You'll love the way these simple tools help you achieve perfect results!

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