How to Get Perfectly Level Tile Jobs Every Time

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Image How to Get Perfectly Level Tile Jobs Every Time

A successful tile job is one that has straight lines and even grouting. But straight lines are also one of the hardest things to achieve. Despite having been on the market for decades, many tillers have never used tile leveling systems before. These systems are designed for quick installation.

Barwalt offers a patented LASH system that ensures the finished surface is lippage free. This reduces call backs and other common frustrations when installing tile. Tile leveling systems adjust the height of the tiles and evenly hold the edges during the curing process.

The end result is perfectly straight tiles, which create a sleek, professional look. Barwalt’s tile leveling system is made with durable nylon for a secure installation. Break-off point clips make for quick, easy removal.

Whether you’re installing large tiles or tiles of various shapes and sizes, the right tile system can make your project a success.

Tips for using tile leveling systems

If you’ve never used a leveling system when installing tile, there are some things you’ll want to know.

When using these systems, be sure to use no less than our clips per tile. This ensures that each corner is flush with the neighboring tile. Clips can be positioned in the center or at the edges of each tile.

When tiling, be mindful of removing excessive mortar/thinset from the leveling clips and wedges. Otherwise, you'll find that it's much harder to remove them. It's also important to keep grout joints as clean as possible. A tiling sponge works best to wipe away excess thinset.

Once all tiles are in position, you can use a mallet to knock off the disposable clips. This gives you a clean grout joint with any protrusions or flaws.

For all of your tiling needs, look no further than Barwalt.

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