Professional Tiling Tools at Affordable Prices

Posted  on by Barwalt Tool Company

Barwalt has been providing quality tools for tiling for many years. We pride ourselves on the variety and top-notch quality of our tools and materials. The right equipment is critical when working with tile. We often get asked what are the best tile trowels. The answer is it depends on the job you are doing and your budget.

A Variety of Trowels

We offer the Ultimate Trowel System along with:

  • Ultrastainless Riveted Trowels
  • Ultrastainless Riveted Trowels
  • Ultragrip Notched X-Long Trowels
  • Wood Notched Trowels
  • Margin Trowels
  • Economy Trowels
  • Golden Stainless Steel Trowels
  • Marshaltown Trowels

Getting the Job Done Right

When you start your tiling, our tile wedges help you get the job done right. We have a full line of tile wedges and tiling installation wedges. They are easy to remove, help keep your tile lines straight and level, and come in a variety of sizes and quantities. We have a tile wedge tool that can assist you with a professional finish.

For all your tile tools and supplies, visit our online store. We have everything from grouting tools to cutting tools. Invest in the proper tools to finish the job with a professional look. Whether itís for a home or company, you canít go wrong with Barwalt.

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