Quality Tools Get the Tiling Job Done Right

Posted  on by Barwalt Tool Company

At Barwalt, we offer only the finest tools to help you professionally install tile. Whether you are a contractor or a DIY homeowner, there are tools that are a must to get the job done right. We would like to highlight some of our tools, such as a straight edge for tile installation.


We offer a variety of straightedges to tile work. You can choose from:

  • Barwalt straightedge 5 pc set SE-1
  • Barwalt L straightedge set LSE-1
  • Barwalt mini straightedge 5 pc set
  • Barwalt 2’ straightedge
  • Barwalt 4’ straightedge SE-4
  • Barwalt 6’ straightedge
  • Barwalt 8’ straightedge SE-8
  • Barwalt straightedge tote

Stainless Steel Caulking Gun

A good caulking gun is a must when working with tile. We offer three choices:

  • Standard ratchet type calking gun 1/10 gun
  • Dripless caulking gun
  • Super ratchet type caulking gun ¼ gal.
  • These are just some examples of the precision tools you can find on our Barwalt website. We pride ourselves on our quality tools and top-notch customer service. We stand behind every item we make and sell. If you need a straight edge for tile installation or a stainless steel caulking gun we have those and so much more. If we can help you with anything related to your tile job, do not hesitate to give us a call.
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