RTC Spin Doctor Tile Leveling System

RTC Spin Doctor Tile Leveling System | RTC Spin Doctor

RTC Spin Doctor Tile Leveling System

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Free Spin Cap and Spacer Posts

With this system and one hand, you can easily spin the leveling cap down to the tile surface in seconds. This system does not require tools, two hands or repetitive motions which can cause user fatigue, especially when reaching over large format materials

  • Fast "free spin" cap tightening reduces time and allows you to reach further distances
  • Open view cap design allows you to see the grout joints for accuracy
  • Caps are reusable, and the threaded spacer post can be repurposed as additional spacers or wall shims once separated from the base (no wasted materials). Save and reuse all components
  • Downward pressure applied to tiles keeping the grout joints perfectly aligned as intended
  • Color coded threaded spacer posts are 1/16" White or 1/8" Black, no need for additional spacers

 Anti-Friction Plates

This plate will allow perfect downward pressure on the tile surface which will keep the tiles from movement during the final engagement or tightening of the cap.

  • Will not allow marring or scratching of delicate materials such as glass or polished tiles
  • Will save the cap from premature wearing if used on course surfaces such as slate and textured tiles
  • Keeps the mortar or adhesive from rising through the grout joint when pressure is applied
  • The transparent disc design allows vision of the grout joint alignment at all times
  • 100 per box