RTC Turn Buckle Rescue Clamp 100 pc

RTC Turn Buckle Rescue Clamp 100 pc | RTC Turn Buckle

RTC Turn Buckle Rescue Clamp 100 pc

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Eliminate uneven tile edges during installation with one hand! 

The Turn Buckle allows use to level and align tiles on the spot.  this fully reusable component is unlike anything on the market today.  Not only can it be used as a stand alone lippage turning product, but it will also work in conjunction with any other system on the market. 

Works on material 1/4" * 7/16" thick.

Insert pin parallel into the grout joint then twist square base 90 degrees into position and simply pres the lever down until tit clicks into place. 

IMPORTANT  Immediately after the mortar has cured to manufactures specifications, simply flip the lever the opposite direction to release.  Twist the square base back 90 degrees, unlocking the pin parallel to the grout joint, allow it to be removed. 


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Awesome Product

Awesome product for tile leveling. So quick and easy to use with excellent results. I have so much more confidence during an installation now!

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