StringA-Levels System B

StringA-Levels System B | Shower Installation

StringA-Levels System B

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Designed primarily for shower wall tile installations, the StringA-Level Tile Support System is for use on any wall mounted tile installation where tiling begins above the door. The system is a set of reusable tools that eliminate time-wasting straightness and level problems. The system is comprised of interlocking sections with level vials that are used in series to form a continuous angle support shelf on which the fist course of tile rests. The sections are temporarily attached to the wall with use supplied screws and washers through multiple slots in each section. Available in kit an component form. Illustrated usage instructions included. 

No. SLK-0404 StringA-Level Standard Kit

For use over standard bathtubs or in showers. Consists of four Flexible Sections for the corners and four Rigid Sections, using one or two on the side wall and one each on the front and back walls. Carrying case included. 

No. SLK-1010 StringA-Level Contractor Kit

For use in custom showers, or jobs with multiple tiled areas. Consists of 10 each of both the Flexible Section and Rigid Section. Carrying case included. 

Flexible Section

This is the 13" long yellow plastic sections for the curves and corners. It has four living hinges that conform to inside and outside corners. A level vial set in each end makes it easy to maintain level around corners. This section can be attached to another Flexible Section, or a Rigid Section, and has five slots for attaching to the wall. This yellow plastic molded section is 13-15/16" long x 1-1/4" wide x 2" high. 

Rigid Section

This is the 27" long red plastic section for the straight walls. It has a single level vial in the center. It can be attached to another Rigid Section, or a Flexible Section and has four slots for attaching to the wall. Molded of red plastic and is 26-7/8" long x 1-1/4" wide x 2" high.