Tile Nippers - A Basic Tool That is Essential

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If you work with tiles, you have to have a good pair of tile nippers. They are also vital to working with glass tiles and mosaics. Tile nippers are a basic tool that is essential to your work. They are inexpensive and help cut away unwanted tile portions. The worst part of purchasing a pair is deciding which one is best for you.

Barwalt Tile Nippers

We have several varieties to choose from, and all adhere to our high-quality standards. Check out the following:

Barwalt Ultrabite Tile Nipper – These nippers are made from the finest carbide and cut porcelain so easily you won’t believe it. The nipper body is extremely comfortable. They have cushioned sleeves that stay in place when being used.

Barwalt Ultrabite Radius Tile Nipper – The carbide teeth are replaceable in these amazing tile nippers. Requires less force for great porcelain tile cutting.

Offset Tile Nipper -Side biter style jaws with carbide tipped 5/5” straight jaw. Economical.

Journeyman Offset Tile Nippers - Side biter style jaws and tungsten carbide tipped.

Pro GT-Type Tile Nippers – This is the preferred handle shape, with side biter jaws and carbide tipped 5/8” straight jaw.

For tile nippers and more, visit Barwalt Tools. We can help you purchase the ones that best suit your needs.

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