Tips for DIY Tiling Projects

Posted  on by Barwalt Tool Company

Tile can give your home a new, updated look. There are many options for tile in your home, including an entryway, kitchen backsplash, or bathroom floor. With the right tools, like a floor tile trowel, the job can be a great DIY project. At Barwalt Precision Tool Company, we would like to offer some tips that can help ensure success.

  • Carefully measure the space you wish to tile. You need to know the square footage of the area. Figure in 10% extra in footage to ensure you have enough tiles.
  • A backer-board can make the job come out nicer. If it is in a bathroom, make sure it is waterproof.
  • Create quadrants by using a level to draw a vertical and horizontal line from the center of the area.
  • Determine your design and work from the center out.
  • Use tile spacers in between the tiles for a more precise layout.
  • Trim large pieces with a wet saw or snap cutter.
  • Let the tile rest overnight, then apply the grout.
  • Use liberal amounts of grout and fill the gaps well. Let dry for 30 minutes.Then wash excess away with a sponge.
  • Seal the grout with a tile sealant.

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