Tips on DIY Tile Installation

Posted  on by Barwalt Tool Company

Not everyone who buys our tools is a professional tiler. Many of our customers are DIY folks who still need quality tools, such as u-shaped shims, to do a good job. At Barwalt, we believe everyone should have access to affordable, quality tiling tools and equipment. We would like to offer some tips for getting your tile job to turn out great:

  • Be patient – you want a smooth slake that is free of chunks. This means being patient as it gets to the right consistency.
  • Make sure the floor is flat – this is where a self-leveling compound can help with serious problems. Minor ones may need thinset put in to level the spot.
  • Remove the baseboard – it improves the look and lets you do a more professional job.
  • Use guideboards – they don’t get lost like chalk lines can, and your tiles won’t move.
  • Use a ledger – for strait tiles on a wall a straight ledger is a must.
  • Clean as you go – smudges and other problems become worse the longer they sit.

These few tips can help make your tile installation much easier. For a tile layout tool or any other tile tool, visit us at Barwalt. We make your job easier.

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