Top of the Line Tiling Tools Make Your Job Easier

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Barwalt Tool Company began over 40 years ago. At that time, there was a need for high-quality tile spacers. The founder was a third-generation tile installer, and his goal was efficiency in less time. As the years have passed, Barwalt has added more tiling tools that help get the job done right. Our name has changed slightly, but we have never lost Walter Pytlewski’s vision of providing the best possible tiling tools.

What’s New on the Website?

We have added several new items to the website that we think you will appreciate. Check out our new knee products:

Barwalt All Season Knee Pad – Perfect if you are wearing shorts. A cloth cover over the liner prevents sweating. We have also swamped out the rubber straps with cloth ones with an adjustable buckle.

Barwalt Summer Knee Pad Kit – Convert your accordion top knee pads to Summer knee pads.

Barwalt Kneel Pad – You can kneel on it or sit on it. Doesn’t compress with time and is comfortable.

Other products include:

DUK Divider Acrylic Shelf

Johnson Aluminum Pro Box Level

Set N Seal Toilet Ring

New Drains

Wale Tale

New TAVY products

For professional tiling tools that even a DIY enthusiast can use, visit Barwalt Tools. We can help you with any tiling job out there.

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