What Size Tile Spacers Do I Need?

Posted  on by Barwalt Tool Company

Installing tiles can be challenging. You want beautiful results that are perfectly aligned when you are done. When used properly, tile spacers can help you achieve those results. At Barwalt Precision Tools, we have wall tile spacers in various sizes to make your tile work easier.

How Do I Know What Size to Use?

Many people place the tile spacers in the corner where four tiles come together. A better option is to insert one pair for each tile edge. Vertically if doing floor tile, horizontally if working with wall tile. The size you choose is going to depend on the grout line you want. Tile spacers come in several basic sizes, including:






Selecting a Grout Width

Small tiles, such as 8X8 inches or smaller, often come with built-in lugs, and you won’t need spacers for those. Standard grout lines that are generally recommended in this case are 1/8” for floors and 1/16” for walls. Regular format tiles are generally 12x12 or 16x16 inches.You can use the standard above or change the grout to 3/16” if it enhances the look you are going for. Large-format tiles are 18x18 inches or more often benefit from tight grout lines.

Barwalt can help you choose the best tile leveling system for your project. Check out our online store for all your tiling needs.

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