You Can Count on Barwalt Brand Trowels

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Image You Can Count on Barwalt Brand Trowels

There’s no shortage of tile trowels on the market today. But if you’re looking for a one-stop-shop for all of your trowel needs, choose Barwalt. We’re well known for our high quality tools that make your tiling projects even more efficient.

At Barwalt you’ll see that we offer trowels in many different shapes and sizes, starting at 3/16" v-notch all up to a 1/2" square notch. If you're looking to find the right trowel for the job, Barwalt has got you covered.

U-notch vs. V-notch vs. European-notch

U-notched trowels are the most common and have a U-shaped or a square notch. The U pattern offers slightly more coverage, making these tile trowels ideal for natural stone and large-bodied tiles that require more thinset than most tile jobs.

V-notch trowels are ideal for walls. The design applies less mortar onto the walls than U or square notch trowels. This minimizes the risk of over-smearing, which can lead to oozing joints.

European tile trowels provide superior coverage and are ideal to use for wall installations that involve large tiles and/or stone. These trowels provide plenty of coverage to ensure the tiles stay in place. European trowels are also suitable for ceiling installations.

Size matters

The tile trowel you use should match the tile size. Smaller tiles require smaller trowels, and larger tiles require larger ones. It's also important to consider where tile is being laid and how flat the surface is.

For example, if you're laying tile on flooring, the mortar bed needs to be thicker to support continuous foot traffic. If the surface is slightly uneven, a thicker layer of mortar is a must.

Most tile manufacturers provide a recommended trowel size for a high quality installation. At Barwalt, you can count on us to have the right trowel for the job at hand.

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