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INTRODUCING A new size of

Granite spacer 

  • Over the years, depending on the latest trends and styles, different sizes of spacers have gone from casual sellers to one of our best and of course the other way around! 


  •  Right now the thinner grout lines are big!  So to address your customer’s needs, we have created a Granite 1/16” T Spacer in Clamshells! 


  •  These are now in stock and available to order today! 


       No. 16100 1/16" Granite T Clamshell ~ 500 Pieces



It has just come to our attention that a small percentage of our Ultragrip Trowels have been failing in the field.  We immediately started testing the stock we have on hand and found that there were in fact some trowels with weak welds.  We are now going through every case of trowels we have, so you can be assured that you will not be receiving any new orders with problems.

But if any of your customers return product due to this problem, please take a photo of the defective product and contact us immediately at 800-423-5243. 

We have contacted the manufacturer and they have promised to resolve this issue immediately.  As you know, we pride ourselves in providing you with the highest quality products for competitive pricing and under no circumstances will we knowingly allow an inferior product out our door. 

Quality issues are very rare with any of our products but if you ever have any problems with anything we manufacture or distribute, please notify us immediately so we can resolve the issue!  As always, we appreciate your loyalty and partnership in the tile tool industry and will do everything we can to serve you at the highest level.


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Building_for_Lettersss.jpgInnovative Tools For The Professional Installer!

Barwalt Tool company is one of the leaders in innovation when it comes to tile tools. We manufacturer and sell the world's best spacers, knee pads, and tile nippers. Our Trowel System and Grouting System are a necessity in any tile installer's toolbox. Innovation, quality, and efficiency are among what Barwalt is known for in their tile tools.

Barwalt offers this site to dealers and distributors as an online catalog, an instructional guide, and a home base for help and advice. Feel free to browse and ask questions. We're always happy to help! If you are interested in purchasing some of our leading products, please contact us, and we'll direct you to the nearest dealer or distributor.