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Walter Pytlewski, the owner of Barwalt, may be the only tile tool company owner and CEO that actually cut his teeth on tile itself. Walter is a third generation tile installer and as those of you who have met him at the trade shows or in the field know, he is an expert when it comes to tile installation and the tools that makes that job easier, faster and have professional results every time. Please ask Walter anything you would like about our tools and installing in general. Walter will be answering all of the letters, but if we choose to post your letter, we will send you a Barwalt T-Shirt, Cap and one of our famous tools, so don't forget to include your mailing address with your question!

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Why is the grout in the shower floor darker than the grout on the walls?

Mike D. - Pomona, California


There is more moisture trapped beneath the tile in the deck mud used to float the shower floor. The only way the moisture can escape is through the grout joints. The longer it takes to cure, the darker the joint will be. The floor joints will be harder than the wall joints also.