Barwalt Can Help You Get Your Tiling Job Done

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Image Barwalt Can Help You Get Your Tiling Job Done

A good tiling job requires high quality tools to get the job done right. Inferior, low quality products, such as floats, mixers, and sealers make grouting more difficult.

Grouting is one of the most important parts of a tiling job, which is why you should start and finish each job using the highest quality grouting tools on the market.

Barwalt offers a full line of grouting tools that make tiling a breeze.

Grout mixing made easy

Mixing mortar by hand is not only tedious, it takes a lot of power. It also increases the risk of a low quality mixture. Barwalt offers several mixing tools that can get the job done in a matter of minutes.

Grout mixing tools make it much easier to get the perfect consistency, without all of the hard work.

High quality grout floats

A grout float is another must-have tool for all of your stone and tiling jobs. Barwalt offers a wide variety of grout floats, including hardwood, multipurpose, magnesium, ultra-soft, and ultra-light options.

The right grout float makes applying grout almost effortless.

Grouting systems

The Barwalt Ultra Grouting System is a must-have for every tiler. This set comes with:

  • ·A large bucket with wheel brakes
  • ·Grout sponges with comfortable grip handles
  • ·Abrasive and non-abrasive 3M scrub pads

Our newly redesigned system holds more water and is more stable and durable than ever before. Stay on top of all of your jobs with Barwalt grouting systems.

Keep your working surface clean

A clean working surface is a must when installing tile. Whether you’re tiling a bathroom, kitchen, or a pool, sponges and scrubs make removing excess grout a breeze. Barwalt offers all sorts of grouting sponges and scrubs, including abrasive and non-abrasive sponges, along with micro-fiber and sealer options.

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