Check Out Our Line of Tile Cutters

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Check Out Our Line of Tile Cutters

Barwalt has been supplying quality tile tools to tile layers for years. We have a variety of supplies that can make your job much easier. One of the things we carry is a line of tile cutters. Check out what we have to offer.

The Ishii brand is well known, and we carry the following:

  • Ishii M-20 Two Bar 20" Ceramic Tile Cutter
  • Ishii Two Bar 34" Ceramic Tile Cutter
  • Ishii MX Style Two Bar Tile Cutter 19"
  • Ishii JW-730 Two Bar 28.75" Ceramic Tile Cutter
  • Ishii Two Bar 48 13/16" Ceramic Tile Cutter

Barwalt has the following Superior tile cutters:

And we have our line:

  • Barwalt Dual Rail 20" Ceramic Tile Cutter
  • Barwalt Dual Rail 24" Ceramic Tile Cutter (on sale!)

For the DIY enthusiast, we have the DIY 16” tile cutter.

For all your tiling needs, from tile cutters to grouting tools, we have whatever you need. Doing the best job possible depends on the right tools. We strive to offer high-quality tools that are affordable and dependable. We stand behind the products we offer. If you ever have any issues with any of our products, all you have to do is give us a call.

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