Our Tile Wedges are the Perfect Thing for Your Next Project!

Posted  on by Barwalt Tool Company

Tile wedges can be used to add space between tiles. These wedge spacers come in multiple sizes and quantities, so you can find what you need fast! Shop today!

We all know that keeping your tile lines straight and even is important, but it's also really hard to do.

Most people just use random stuff found around the house like sponges or old phone books to try and keep their tile lines straight. This doesn't work very well though because these items are usually too thick or they don't have enough weight to them.

Tile wedges solve this problem by having a perfect thickness so they can easily be placed between tiles during installation without damaging the tiles themselves. They come in multiple sizes so you'll always find one that fits perfectly for any job you're working on! They are also super lightweight which makes them easy to carry with you anywhere!

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