Tile Spacers for a Professional Finished Look

Posted  on by Barwalt Tool Company

Working with tiles can be confusing if you have never done it before. Understanding how to mix mortar, what grouting to use, and what tools are needed can be challenging. Tile spacers are one of these tools that make the job easier and provide a professional look.

What Are Tile Spacers?

They are small, plastic items that come in a cross or T shape. You can get them in several sizes as well. When laying tile, you want to have a consistent gap between the tiles when placing them. You can then have an even finish when you put on the grout.

How to Use Tile Spacers

Spacers are put at the corner of the tiles as they get laid in place. The tiles are pushed together so that the spacer touches each corner. You remove them when you are finished, and they are reusable. These handy little items make for an even, straight finish. If you want a professional look, using tile spacers is a must.

A Beautiful, Finished Look

There is no wondering how the gaps will turn out with tile spacers. The project moves faster and more efficiently. Barwalt Tools has tile spacers in any size you need, along with any other tile tools needed for your project.

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