Top Ten Tools Every Tiler Needs

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The expertise and experience of the tiler certainly play a role in a top-notch construction job, but the  tiling equipment plays a significant role as well. It is vital to select the right tiling tools for the job. When you have the correct tools, you save time and prevent damage to the tools.

Tiling Tools Every Tiler Should Have

At Barwalt, we have the precision equipment any tiling specialist needs. Here are ten tools every tiler should own:

  • Manual Tile Cutters – vital to your work. It makes cutting a breeze.
  • Electric Cutters – Assists in making fine cuts on different types of materials.
  • Diamond Blades – Blades can vary depending on the job, but diamond blades are the best.
  • Diamond Drill Bits – A diamond drill bits kit with a wet cutting feature is an excellent choice.
  • Electric Mixer – Tiling projects need mortar, and a good mortar mixer is a must.
  • Rubber Buckets – You can’t beat a good rubber bucket for transporting mortar.
  • Tile Trowels – If you want a professional and clean result, a tile trowel is needed.
  • Rubber Grout Floats – The tiling process is important, but so is the grouting. This provides you the best finish.
  • Tile Leveling System – prevents tile lippage.
  • Tile Spacers – Achieve perfect spacing with a tile spacer. Available in different widths.

Be sure and check out all our products, including  tile leveling spacers.

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