Ultrastainless Riveted Euro Notch

Ultrastainless Riveted Euro Notch | Ultrastainless Riveted Trowels

Ultrastainless Riveted Euro Notch

Price: $8.47

SKU: 70966


Introducing a new generation of the highest quality riveted stainless steel trowels with the soft and comfortable handle in the preferred style, just like our Ultragrip Trowels.

This new notch can be used on most tile installations, but really shines on large format tiles. The secret of this notch design is evident when bedding tile into thinset. The notches collapse in a way that gives you a more complete bond, while helping the installer level the tiles next to each other. 

  • 4-1/2" x 11" hardened tempered stainless steel, riveted, ground and polished blade
  • Soft cushioned handle