Why Use a Tile Leveling System?

Posted  on by Barwalt Tool Company

While success has been possible over the years, eyeballing tiles and using a level and spacers, it hasnít been easy. On the other hand, there have been problems too. If the tile hasnít set right into the adhesive, it needs replacing. That is just one example. Substrates and tiles have irregularities, and the best way to do that is with a tile leveling system. A tile wedge tooland other parts of the leveling system can help ensure a flat surface without lippage and a correctly bonded tile.

Why Use a Tile Leveling System?

Tile leveling systems save money and time. The leveling system helps provide a flat surface on various kinds of substrate. You do not need shims or different-sized spacers. The clips help with a grout joint that is uniform. The system you use is going to depend on what you are doing and the tile size.

We Can Help You Choose the Right Tile Leveling System

If you are not sure which system is best, Barwalt can help. You can give us a call at (800) 423-5243 and talk to one of our friendly staff. We not only have the righttile wedge tool, but we carry u-shaped shims as well. The right tool for the best job is what you will find at Barwalt.

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